About Live Now

Live Now coaching psychology is a private psychology practice and consultancy firm run by two Chartered Psychologists — Drs Nick and Lee Hulbert-Williams — both of whom have over a decade’s experience developing and applying coaching psychology techniques. We are Chartered Psychologists, which means you can rest assured that the British Psychological Society keeps an eye on what we’re doing. We both teach and conduct psychological research at the University of Chester, and we run Live Now as a part-time business where we get to share with clients the exciting scientific findings about human behaviour that we spend the the rest of the week grappling with.

People often think that psychologists only work with those who have significant mental health issues. In truth, only a minority of psychologists do this. Most study other things, such as how people learn, how habits are formed, and why we sometimes make seemingly irrational decisions.

“Our mission at Live Now is to use the best evidence from the science of behaviour change to help you identify what you really want from life and to give you the skills and confidence to achieve them. We will help you to build your personal resilience, and to learn how to manage stress and change effectively, so that you be the person you really want to be.”

Lee was awarded his PhD by Bangor University: He researched the stressful impact of major life events such as changing jobs, moving house, and losing a loved one. Following a brief hiatus working as a mental health commissioner, he returned to academia in 2008 and started a new programme of research focussing on better understanding the choices that individual make about health behaviours, such as their diet, motivation to exercise and so forth. He is a published writer (both in scientific journals and a widely-read blog) and a highly experienced teacher/trainer. Of course, many of the principles Lee studies and uses to help people achieve their health-related goals are based on broad principles of human behaviour and can be applied to a great many different challenges.

Nick completed his PhD at Cardiff University. He explored the psychological stress and impact of cancer diagnosis on patients psychological health, especially focussing on what factors predicted patients’ longer-term wellbeing. He has since written over 25 published journal articles, 5 book chapters, and has co-edited a textbook on cancer care for nurses and other health professionals. His current work focusses on psychological adjustment and wellbeing following major life transition (illness diagnosis, becoming a carer, career change and retirement), health behaviour change, and psychological stress (personal and occupational). As a professor of Behavioural Medicine, and Director of the Chester Research Unit for the Psychology of Health (CRUPH) and Research Strategy and Development Co-ordinator for the Department of Psychology at the University of Chester, Nick has a wealth of experience in mentoring, training, personnel management, and supervision. For some years, Nick has taken a keen interest in the psychology of productivity and creativity. He enjoys sharing the knowledge he’s gained with this PhD students, and with clients.

To read more about us, please see our individual websites: www.leehw.com and www.nickhw.com