Our work

Live Now can offer coaching psychology services tailored to your needs. We usually work with individuals, but have a good deal of experience working in group contexts too. We can offer a full range of coaching psychology work. In particular, we specialise in working with people who:

  • want support in adopting a healthier lifestyle, for example, those wishing to lose weight, kick their smoking habit, or persuade themselves to get to the gym.
  • would like to feel that their lives are more productive or meaningful, including clients who are struggling with too much stress.
  • need support in continuing to live a fulfilling and satisfying life following set-backs, such as following diagnosis of an illness, an injury, or disability.

Our coaching style

Psychology is a broad profession, comprising different schools of thought, each one with its own idea about what makes people tick. Most of the schools of psychology have always been concerned with explaining why people do what they do. Only one has focused from the very start not on explaining but on helping people to change their habits and behaviours.

Here’s an example of why we don’t think these other approaches in psychology represent the easiest almost direct path to personal change:

Let’s imagine you want to give up smoking. Some psychologists would conduct a lengthy analysis with you and their conclusions would very likely referred to the idea that you have an “oral fixation” which developed during your childhood. This is an interesting and convincing idea, but it doesn’t answer the real question, namely, what can I do now to achieve my goal. We don’t have time machines. You can’t go back in time to change your childhood! We think this kind of deep analysis is often unnecessary and in fact slows down your progress. 

We specialise in a style of coaching called Acceptance and Commitment Training (ACT). This is based on decades of psychological research about how our thinking relates to our other behaviour. For instance, this research helps explain how we manage to tell ourselves that we’ll stick to our new year’s resolutions even when we know we’ve never done so before. ACT makes use of a number of psychological tools and techniques including mindfulness to help people figure out their purpose in life, and then give you the psychological strength to deal with whatever life throws in the road whilst they live out that purpose.

“Purpose, it’s that little flame
that lights a fire under your ass.

Purpose, it keeps you going strong
like car with a full tank of gas.”

Robert Lopez & Jeff Marz 2003

One-to-one sessions

We find that most of our clients tend to be very busy, and therefore prefer their coaching to be delivered over the telephone or by Skype. However, if you’d rather have sessions with us face-to-face this can be arranged too. We always provide a quarter-hour initial consultation for free, and this is done by phone or Skype. Our prices for one-to-one coaching are:

Single session via Skype: £60 per hour
Single session in person within 10 miles of Chester, UK: £90 per hour
Up to five sessions, paid in advance: £255 (remote) or £380 (in person)

Corporate / Group sessions

We can also provide coaching and training for larger groups. This tends to work better over a half- or full-day session, though we’re happy to discuss any alternative needs that you may have. Our prices (for groups of up to 50 people) are as follows:

Half-day: £1250
Full-day: £2200

If we already have training materials prepared, that suit your need, or if you’re looking to book for smaller groups, we are often able to negotiate slightly reduced fees.

Please note, that if you require us to travel further than 25 miles away from Chester city centre, travel expenses will need to be reimbursed too. If your group is larger than 50 people, please contact us to discuss.